Making Memories in a New Home

Don't let these pictures fool you, we're still unpacking boxes and our garage is full of things from the storage unit. In fact the other part of this room is piled high with laundry, bins and cardboard boxes. Things are slowly coming together... like extremely slowly. This little corner of our room is our little slice of house heaven at the moment. It's so weird coming home here, it does not feel like home at all yet. We're missing our old little house and the more the I try to fill the corners of this space with furnishings the more I'm remembering it's not what's in your home but rather, who's in it that makes it feel like HOME. It's the memories shared, the laughter made, the happy and sad tears shed and the tickle fights fought that makes the four white walls feel cozy. It's the bringing home of new babies, the hosting of Thanksgiving dinners and the long nights of taking care of sick kids that give these walls stories to tell. Slowly over time we can't wait to fill this place with so many memories like we did in our last home. 

I wanted to share a little bit more about our Cinemood mini movie projector. This mighty little machine has been so fun to use! It's a mini movie projector that can project onto any surface. The boys love cuddling up on the couch, bed, car or just about anywhere to watch their favorite Disney movies! You can also connect it to YouTube, Netflix and it's even pre-loaded with cartoons! You can check out all the cool features of this awesome little projector HERE. They're currently running an amazing promo for $100 off so run to get your own! Also use code LOVEMOOD for a FREE smart cover. 

Thanks for reading! Can't wait to get all moved in so I have more time to blog :)

House Update

You guys we are SO close to closing that I can almost taste it! Mentally I'm already moved into our new space haha. Sharing a room (and bed!) with two little boys and husband has been quite the experience the past 10 months and we're all ready for a little more space and to get our things out of storage.

Since Josh and I have been doing a ton of the work ourselves like mentioned before we've honestly been over everyday and pretty much every night for the past month or so. It's been a lot of work! Needless to say there have been many days where we've exhausted both sets of grandparents babysitting help and the kids just have had to tag along with us. So we've set of a shop full of toys, pack n' plays and have let them have free range of the basement so we've been bringing bikes and trikes with us as well. And let's be honest, working on a house with kids present does not look like this. This is the fun/pretty part. The easy and clean part but for a while it was kids covered in dust, dirt, paint (yep, Finn knocked over a can of black paint all over our newly installed floors), but now that this big box actually looks like a house, it's been fun having them come hang out with us and to help measure things, daydream over their playroom and talk about the Christmas cookies that will be made in the newly installed kitchen.

It's been so much work getting here but I know it will be worth it in the end.

Concrete pathways, driveways and patios are being poured this week. From there the plumber is coming to install fixtures and Josh is finishing up the deck. Next will be the install of the garage door and the front beams wrapped!

It's been a long time coming but we're so close to the finish line! Can't wait to give you all a full tour once we're in. It's been so fun sharing the progress through my blog and IG stories. You all have helped me make some big decisions :)